Tyler started his OnlyFans account 2 years ago on August 3, 2020. As of February 18, 2022 he has made 277 posts including 270 photos and 71 videos. 23 videos have a duration of over 60 seconds, 48 are under 60 seconds. The video length sums up to a total of 1 hour(s) and 43 minutes with an average length of 1.45 minutes per video. His posts have an overall size of 5.07gb (excluding PPV/DMs). There is optional PPV content to purchase on top of the monthly fee.


Full Nudity, Ass, Hard Dick, Soft Dick


Cum, Cum Facials, Edging, Handjob, Masturbation, Oral, Vaginal


Armpits, Flexing, Sneakers, Socks


Silicone Vagina


Baseball Gear, Boxershorts, Briefs, Caps, Sportswear, Sweatpants


Bathroom, Beach, Bedroom, Car, Gym, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Outdoor, Restroom, Shower, Studio, Woods

He has done Collaborations with: biggieballsusmc, roxiesin, stellabarey, xmilamonetx.

Personal Opinion

Influencers don't have the best reputation on OnlyFans, but Tyler hits different, he delivers and even raises the bar for others. The quality is outstanding, photos show great detail, the lighting is spot on, the various angles are great and the captured sound is amazing. He listens to what his fans want and throws in some of his own ideas. The content never gets boring, he always reinvents himself. His attitude is great, he knows he's hot and shows it, but he is very humble and thankful for his fans and really down to earth when you talk to him. He is very responsive when it comes to chatting, he answered all my messages very quickly and keeps you informed when he's taking a day off. He offers additional solos and straight sex scenes for purchase, I can't say much about his duos, but I found the price for his very lengthy solos very reasonable. They go from $8 to $10 and I would highly recommend them, especially his Q&A wank if you want to get to know him better. What he shows is not just teasing it's all pleasing, you get to see his beautiful dick soft and hard from all angles, he is very comfortable showing off his ass, there is lots of content for fans of feet, socks and sneakers and the cum shots are great.

Fan of Twinks and Twunks


$9.99 -45%
  • Decent picture quality and lighting
  • Festive and seasonal themes
  • Great angles, positions and close-ups
  • Highly interactive with his fans
  • Natural sound with lots moaning
  • Not afraid to show his soft dick
  • Photos usually posted as cohesive sets
  • Regular updates
  • Sexy voice and great dirty talk
  • Thick and creamy cum loads
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