Parker Woods started his OnlyFans account 1 year ago on July 23, 2021. As of May 15, 2022 he has made 226 posts including 234 photos and 135 videos. 121 videos have a duration of over 60 seconds, 14 are under 60 seconds. The video length sums up to a total of 17 hour(s) and 44 minutes with an average length of 7.88 minutes per video. His posts have an overall size of 49.46gb (excluding PPV/DMs). There seems to be no PPV content, everything is included in the monthly fee.


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Personal Opinion

I was only jealous for about 2 or 50 times when I saw how flexible Parker was. Flexible enough to suck his own dick. And why not eat your own cum while you are at it? His OnlyFans is pretty much a self-service guide, you won't see another guy on there, but he shares several techniques how to have a good time on your own. Jerking off. Edging. Selfsucking. Giving yourself a footjob. Fucking several sex toys. All captured from various angles, perfectly edited to always get the best view. I’m a huge fan of his facial expressions - especially when he cums, but my favorite is when he puts his legs behind his head, sucks his own dick, shows off his pretty hole and fucks it good with a dildo. Like what could you expect more?

Fan of Twinks and Twunks


  • Actual horniness, no staged bullshit
  • Authentic unfiltered amateur content
  • Content is tagged for our convenience
  • Decent picture quality and lighting
  • Festive and seasonal themes
  • Great angles, positions and close-ups
  • Highly interactive with his fans
  • Huge selection of various sex toys
  • Regular updates
  • Sexy voice and great dirty talk
  • Superb editing with focus on details
  • Thick and creamy cum loads
  • Tons of content for feet lovers
  • Very passionate, intimate and sexual
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