Review Guidelines

How we review. Find out what matters and what doesn't.

Video Camera on Set (Taken by ShareGrid on Unsplash)


Variety and creativity, regular updates and a fair price.


Everyone has different taste, so we welcome every type of color, fashion, hair, shape, style and sexual identity.


There is enough fake porn and terrible acting out there. Personality, intimacy and passion are what makes content special.


Angles and lighting are key to achieving good image quality, mix that with authentic clear sound for videos to give us the best result of yourself.


Putting a price on yourself is hard. Good frequency paired with quality content and a decent variety need to be in balance to justify a higher price.

Why are we different?

We are trying to give you enough information to judge for yourself if it is worth to join a page or not, that is why you won‘t find an overall rating in any of our reviews. The first part of our reviews will be dry basic information to give you an idea of the amount and length of content to expect. The second part will tell you what the content is all about in terms of action, fetishes, nudity, outfits, toys and possibly collaborations. The third part will be our personal opinion of what we liked and disliked. Then you will be the judge if it is worth your time and money or not.