Felix Jacobus Rosewood started his OnlyFans account 2 years ago on January 19, 2021. As of December 6, 2021 he has made 440 posts including 549 photos and 51 videos. 26 videos have a duration of over 60 seconds, 25 are under 60 seconds. The video length sums up to a total of 1 hour(s) and 04 minutes with an average length of 1.25 minutes per video. His posts have an overall size of 3.56gb (excluding PPV/DMs). There seems to be no PPV content, everything is included in the monthly fee.


Full Nudity, Hard Dick, Hole, Soft Dick


Cum, Masturbation


Armpits, Feet, Socks


Dildo, Masturbation Sleeve


Boxerbriefs, Caps, Jeans, Sweatpants


Bathroom, Beach, Bedroom, Outdoor, Shower

Personal Opinion

Felix is a cute (half) dutch boy with a wholesome page. Subscribing to him feels more like having a friend that shares cute things and private moments with you, but also likes to show off his naughty side. It's quite a wild ride to come from a post about brick toys to a video of him trying to take a 35cm (13+ inches) dildo. He's quite dorky and has his own kind of humor but also pretty hot to watch when he moans while fucking himself with a dildo. He is not a fan of dirty talk, but otherwise he is open for a chat and listens to what his fans want. He got me horny and hungry for Stroopwafels. A combo I definitely enjoy.

Fan of Twinks and Twunks


$11.00 -40%
  • Content is tagged for our convenience
  • Decent picture quality and lighting
  • Great angles, positions and close-ups
  • Highly interactive with his fans
  • Inventive concepts and unique content
  • Listens to viewer wishes/requests
  • Natural sound with lots moaning
  • Not afraid to show his soft dick
  • Regular updates
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