Frequently Asked Questions

I am a creator, can I get reviewed?

Yes, contact me through chat, my socials or e-mail hej[a] and provide me with a trial link for at least 7 days and I'll happily review your content. There are no costs to get reviewed. You will receive a preview before it is published.

Do you get paid for reviews?

No, I don't do paid reviews. All reviews are as neutral as possible.

Do you subscribe to each account?

Yes, I had access to each profile to make my opinion.

How many reviews are there?

There are currently 39 reviews and 122 quick checks.

How do you calculate the total size?

The total size is the overall size of all photos and videos posted to the main feed at the highest quality (source) minus duplicates and promotions.

What is the start date?

The start date is the day the first post was published, it's not the date the creator joined.

Are you earning money with OnlyFans?

I'm not partnered with OnlyFans, those links are recommendation links. Some creators have opted in to provide free months when someone signs up through the link. This helps to keep reviews updated. I do not receive any data about you besides the day you joined if you accept the referral cookie.

I disagree with a review, what can I do?

Message me through chat or my socials or e-mail hej[a] and let's discuss!

Can you update a review?

I update reviews depending on the popularity/demand or if I notice major changes. Popular reviews should not be older than 3 months. Feel free to contact me if you have a request.

How do I update my photo or socials?

Message me through chat, you can also attach photos on there.

How can I get my photo/review removed?

Contact me through chat or my socials or e-mail hej[a] and I will remove it immediately. No questions asked.