Alex Grant started his OnlyFans account 4 years ago on October 12, 2018. As of May 15, 2022 he has made 1210 posts including 731 photos and 455 videos. 278 videos have a duration of over 60 seconds, 177 are under 60 seconds. The video length sums up to a total of 42 hour(s) and 45 minutes with an average length of 5.64 minutes per video. His posts have an overall size of 90.98gb (excluding PPV/DMs). There seems to be no PPV content, everything is included in the monthly fee.


Full Nudity, Hard Dick, Hole, Soft Dick


Anal, Bareback, Breeding, Cum, Cum Facials, Handjob, Masturbation, Oral, Rimming


Armpits, Feet, Piss, Socks, Sweat


Buttplug, Chastity Cage, Cock Ring, Dildo, Fleshlight, Fuck Machine, Personal Wand


Boxerbriefs, Briefs, Jockstraps, Sportswear


Bathroom, Bedroom, Gym, Outdoor, Public, Restroom, Shower, Studio, Woods

He has done Collaborations with: blade_pupper, djkingfitness, jackson_skate, jake_od, milkingcoach, phxgyz, thepartgiant.

Personal Opinion

Alex is a slut and I say that as a compliment. He breathes sex in all forms and enjoys trying new things and pushing limits. In one video he absolutely wrecks his hole with a huge buttplug in the next photo set he is a classy photogenic jock. He is a master of giving blowjobs and the sound of him sucking is music to my ears. His hole is well trained and can take a whole fist or impressive toys with ease. It's also a great storage for cum apparently when he collects loads. The cum shots are great, he's quite a sprayer and the amount of cum is often stunning. I'm a huge fan of his voice, the dirty talk he does and I'm kinda addicted to his nasty stories he shares on his page.

Fan of Twinks and Twunks


  • Actual horniness, no staged bullshit
  • Authentic unfiltered amateur content
  • Full-length sex scenes included
  • Great angles, positions and close-ups
  • Huge selection of various sex toys
  • Listens to viewer wishes/requests
  • Live streams included (Tips appreciated)
  • Lots of lengthy videos (10 to 30 minutes)
  • Lots of outdoor and public content
  • Natural sound with lots moaning
  • Open-minded and fetish-friendly
  • Sexy voice and great dirty talk
  • Very passionate, intimate and sexual
  • Very sizable cum loads
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